A Mayan Down Under

The begining 

My spiritual journey starts from a childhood deeply rooted in the Mayan tradition in my native country of Guatemala. I was raised in a loving family and grew up surrounded by the rainbow of colours that canvased the volcanoes, mountains, and lakes in the Country of the “Eternal Spring”.
As early as age 4 or 5, I recall the vivid images of angels. Many times, I saw and experienced a white light from an opening sky that filled me with a love so beautiful and so complete I cannot find the words to describe it to this day. I found myself connecting with the spirits of those who have passed, coming to me in dreams and as messages. The impact of these events was so profound that by the age of 7, I was already meditating!

An early vision 

In the highlands of Guatemala, cradled by three volcanoes lies Lake Atitlan – perhaps the most beautiful, crystal-blue transparent body of water one could ever experience. Surrounding Lake Atitlan are several indigenous towns each with their own colourful symbols and patterns representing their unique Mayan heritage and proud tradition of service to others.
I visited these towns often and learned of the many Mayan rituals, ceremonies, and respect towards nature… the sun, moon, stars and universe. Much of this wisdom was beyond what I could understand at the time, but I was fascinated with the rich heritage of the Mayan culture and it empowered me! I felt a strong belonging among these generous and humble people yet something else was calling me… a recurring vision I would be living and working near a beach – somewhere far away.  

The journey begins 

I excelled in all my school years and earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. I then completed my graduate work with a Master’s in Business Administration. By my early twenties, I was already quite successful in the corporate world and by society's norms, I had it all, and the future looked promising.
Still, there was a powerful voice inside of me and the message was clear: this was not my path in life. The vision of working in a city by the beach was stronger than ever, compelling me over and over to start my journey until I finally surrendered. And surrender I did! I left everything - the great job, all my friends, my family, and a “status” complete with all the material things one could ever want.  In my late twenties, with only a backpack and a desire to share the rich culture of the Mayan peoples, I simply jumped into a “river” to see where it would take me. It was my own “consciousness river” guided by my higher power that knew way better than me. As I started out in blind faith, little did I know this river flowed half-way around the world and would lead me to this incredible and wonderful place called Australia. 

A Karmic cycle

I immediately fell in love with Sydney. It is truly a beautiful city, perfectly set on a coastal basin of the Pacific Ocean – my vision of many years was realised! I explored my new surroundings by backpack and quickly found work and sponsorship. I remain forever grateful for this opportunity and new beginning.
For over a decade, I worked (again) in a corporate setting but continued my alternative studies in hypnosis, quantum physics, energy and natural healing modalities such as Reiki. During this time, I fell in love and married a kind and loving man who supported me throughout. Once again, I attained what could be considered success by any measure – a well-paying career position and a happy marriage.
Still, something inside was not quite right and I eventually realized this karmic cycle was repeating – had I deviated from the real reason I was in Australia? The stress from the corporate life was affecting my health. 
Then, my second child was born premature and suffered from health problems. Other unsettling things were happening as well, and they all carried the same message… I was not listening and needed to follow what I was meant to do. 

True Surrender

An operation was suggested to do to my child, but something inside me was not feeling comfortable with that decision. I was distraught with worry and concern when a trusted teacher and friend reminded me that it may help to connect within. For within me, I had the capability to help my child heal. This teacher helped me realise my daughter carried all the low-vibrational energy that I was exposed to throughout the pregnancy.
With love and compassion, I was able to forgive and release all the low-vibration energy impacting my daughter and myself. Almost instantly, my daughter was returned to health and her medical issues were soon gone! This was the epiphany that again changed my life – I would listen to the messages! I went forward, not fully knowing what I was doing or where I was going and resigned from everything once again. 


From my experience with my child healing, I was able to help the mum and the child of a friend with similar issues. Then yet another person experienced healing! This was wonderful but I knew I needed to learn more. More messages came, and I was led to Dolores Cannon and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). One of the things that intrigued me further to QHHT was to learn that Dolores – through her hypnosis technique - was reaching through to the great civilizations of the past, such as the Egyptians, Atlantis, Lemuria and others. These ancient civilizations share the same principles of respect for wisdom, universal consciousness and power within – just like my Mayan ancestry!
At the same time, I was learning more about the Australia Aborigines. The Aboriginal culture is very similar to the Mayan culture in their connection to the land (Gaia), in healing powers and the ability to see beyond the material things. Everything connected for me deep within and I felt very much “at home” again, as I was able to relate my Mayan heritage with my vision of being here in Australia, living and working in a beautiful city by the sea.

Full Circle

Today, I am privileged to serve as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner. With QHHT, I am helping others connect with their higher consciousness to heal, to see the light within, to reconnect with their ancestry and to find the voice that speaks with deep wisdom and understanding.
I believe I am supported in my spiritual journey by the enduring consciousness of a strong Mayan tribe who have tasked me to share their story – as my story - to speak of the Mayan wisdom in astronomy, math, engineering, plants, and healing powers. To advocate the respect for mother earth, who emotionally, physically and spiritually heals us,  to share the patterns in the fabrics and colours of the Mayan people as a representation of the light coming through the life, tapping into the lives of our past, and healing to move forward towards ascension through connection to the higher-self.

With much love and light,
~ Claudia

Certificates  & Memberships 

Claudia has extensive studies over two decades.
And she believes the life journey is an ongoing continue learning.

-Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)- Level 2 
-Soul Speaks - The language of your body
-Hypnosis - Australia of Success Academy
- Reiki Master
-Bachelor in Science
 -Master in Business
-Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.
-Permissions to work with children. 

Other modalities

Claudia also practices other therapies that can help you in your spiritual growth.

These include: Reiki, Energy Healing, Traditional Hypnosis, and Intuitive Spiritual Guide.
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Association & Memberships

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