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“Claudia’s sessions helped me to connect with myself and my higher self and this brought me clarity and calmness. With her beautiful guidance, I was able to work on my conscious and subconscious believes and free myself to find my own path. It is a pleasure to be connected to people like Claudia as her inspirations and teachings always bring new learnings and positive experiences in my life. I would recommend hypnosis to everyone I could since each one of us will experience something amazing in different ways. Thank you Claudia….”ser de luz” (being of light)! "


Claudia, I can´t thank you enough for our QHHT session. I must admit I was a bit skeptical before we started, but there are no words to describe how much you helped me, both physically and emotionally. For a long time, I had had recurring rotator cuff pain and problems in my right shoulder. The orthopedist had adviced to proceed with an operation. I had 40% of my shoulder ligaments torned and a muscle´s imbalance. To avoid the operation, I attended months of physiotherapy sessions. While the sessions were momentarily helpful, the swelling persisted and the mobility gains were modest. A week after the QHHT session that I had with you, I began to notice real changes. The pain decreased considerably, I was able to sleep better, the movement of my arm improved so much that I recovered 90% of the movement and I can now drive without problems! The session was truly miraculous !! I will be eternally grateful to you." 


"I had an extraordinary session with Claudia. I have never been hypnotised before which led me to her. However, it wasn't like a hypnosis like you might expect. It was a connection to my Higher Self and rather a state of mind. I had an absolutely beautiful experience with Claudia, she was a great guide throughout the experience and felt nothing but love and light from her. I highly recommend anyone open minded to give this experience a go, and connect with your Higher Self. It has left me feeling grounded, lighter and more loving towards myself and others."


I just wanted to drop you a note about my recent session with Claudia and my experience during that session. I want people out there to know how skilled I found you to be during that hour we spent together. Your gentle and very spiritual energy preceded you into the room and were evident throughout our session. The most moving part of the process for me was your skill at handling emotions and events that surfaced unexpectedly. I was not prepared for that event but you smoothed the way for that process to unfold so beautifully and effortlessly. In the end, the entire session was a positive experience for me and I would urge anyone who is contemplating working with you to just DO IT. I promise you'll be pleased that you did! Warm Regards, 

Rowena xoxo

I love all the alternatives therapies, I am a Reiki Master, and I have tried many therapies myself. But still, because of my personality, in the past, no one could hypnotize me or I never allowed someone to tap into my subconscious mind. I don’t like to give my control away.
I got great references for Claudia, so I thought I will give it a go, despite my hesitation if she would be able to hypnotize me. Claudia managed to relax me and somehow guide my subconscious mind to travel to a past life, It was fantastic! I got a lot of the answers to personal issues that I have been trying to resolve all my life. My higher self clarified a lot of my fears or situations of my life I never understood why.
But since I have done the therapy, I feel much better, I am improving and the results were amazing! Thank you, Claudia, you are a great professional!  


Dearest Claudia, A million thanks for your wonderful guidance in the QHHypnosis sessions we have had! It is amazing how we can deprogramme and reprogramme! I am most thankful for your help, kindness and gentleness towards me and my child! We are on our way to success and are experiencing already the signs of healing! God bless you abundantly, above and beyond! I am so grateful and most fortunate to have met you! You are indeed a blessing to everyone around you, Definitely two thumbs up for Claudia


Thank you, Claudia, so much for therapy! it has helped me immensely to my wellness and health. The results were so quick, I couldn't believe it! I haven't experienced such an effective therapy in the past, I tried everything to get better in the past and until these therapies I am enjoying health. I highly recommend Claudia to be the best hypnotherapist and spiritual guide for me!  Nat  


Claudia is a great person to guide you to the root cause of your issues. I had really good sessions with her. I am grateful for the achievements that we had in our sessions. I highly recommend her services.


Claudia is such an amazing guide ❤️ We are lucky to have her in Sydney. Our unconscious mind can do so much to our body, we can all get rid of unwanted and invite what we want, and evolve as human 🤩 I am a chiropractor and I recommend Claudia to my people all the time 🤗


A wonderful experience! ❤️ thanks to the sessions with Claudia, I can finally cut off the baggage that has been bearing on me since I was a child, I can sleep and have no more nightmares at night. Thanks to Claudia I have no more fears and I know and I feel that I can finally create and enter a healthy relationship. Thank You Claudia


I love the experience. I love to see how much wisdom, love and healing came after the sessions with Claudia. She is truly gifted! I am grateful. 


"The QHHT session Claudia conducted for me has eased my mind, body and soul. It has revitalised faith in my hearts truest purpose and opened me up to unlimited ways in which to create this with my life. Thank you, Claudia, for your loving healing nature and allowing me to finally tell my truth without feeling judged or crazy! May the Light of Love continue to illuminate ALL our hearts path! Gratefully yours". 


Claudia has an incredible way of helping you to feel at ease in her presence. She gently guides you through hypnosis intuitively steering you to find the answers you need to know at that time. She is caring, generous and gifted and truly passionate about helping others to be their best selves, to heal and most importantly to release fear.


Claudia was fantastic in guiding me during difficult times, patiently listening to my problems and guiding me on how to cope and solve them. I would recommend her lively and caring approach to anyone who is looking for clarity and guidance in their journey.

Claudia is like an angel guard who connects us to our higher selves and helps with insights into our healing journey.


I attended an online group past life regression hosted by Claudia. I found Claudia's approach to be informative and professional. The session was well-paced and welcoming. Claudia invites you to relax and enjoy the experience and teachings, or actively participate in discussion depending on your personal preference. I was able to experience a regression. I benefited greatly from the experience. Thank you Claudia.


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