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You are one step closer to start feeling lighter and let go of what no longer serves you. 

Belief System Transformation Healing 

What is Belief System Transformation Healing? 

Reprogramming your mind is a powerful tool to assist you to heal past traumas or events residing in the unconscious mind that longer serve you. Since childhood, you have experienced all types of emotions in your life. These emotions are made of energy and are responsible for keeping your Chakra points vibrating. When you hold a negative emotion and you don’t process it, it blocks the Chakras, and by leaving the emotion unresolved it can eventually manifest as an emotional or physical illness. Hypnosis and reprogramming help you to tap into the origin of when that negative emotion or negative belief was created, and the sessions will assist you to release it with forgiveness, love and compassion.

Recommend minimum of 5 sessions. 

Intuitive Energy Healing  

What is Intuitive Energy Healing? 

The combination of these two skills allows us to take our you deep into your own transformation and healing process. Energy healing helps awaken your mind, body and spirit to the truth of your life purpose. We will help to restore your Chakras and recalibrate your meridians by clearing your energy system, allowing you to connect to your higher self. This awakening allows you to become the best version of yourself and move forward in your life with joy, resilience and love.

Recommend minimum of once a quarter minimum.  

Soul Speak Session

Do you understand the Language of Your Body?

What are the messages behind the aches, pains, illness you are experiencing?
Our bodies never lie and they are the reflection of what is inside. In this one to one session, Claudia will help you to decode the messages that the body is trying to give you.
Understanding the information with answers, if you allow could bring you peace and healing.

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